Mind Matters 6: Altered States

Psychedelic medicine. Meditation. Lucid dreams. Trance. Flow. Mystical experiences.
On Sat. Feb 27th, 2016 Mind Matters VI: Altered States will explore the vast kaleidoscope of consciousness through the lenses of psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, religion, anthropology, and neuroscience. Join us at the Isabel Bader Theatre as we hold up the mirror of our human awareness to the depths of our spiritual potentials.

Our currently confirmed speakers include:

We’re also proud to announce that Toronto-based artist Mani Mazinani has created “Sounds Grounds”, a site specific sound installation specially formulated for Mind Matters VI: Altered States. This piece manipulates the playback speed of recorded audio and projects sound through the architecture of the Isabel Bader Theatre’s open lobby space. The intersection of sound and space is where the action of Sounds Grounds occurs. By constructing sonic-spatial connections, the piece is experienced as sensual and perceptual forms.