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Upaya Journal Sarah

Email your work, or any questions, to: bpsu.journal@gmail.com

UPAYA, the Buddhism and Psychology Student Union’s journal is currently accepting submissions!

Do you have an essay, critique, review, piece of artwork, or photography in the field of Buddhism and Psychology that you would like to have published in our undergrad journal? Having one of your works published in our journal will mean not only will you be a published academic, but that you can also mention it on your résumé!

Every year, our union publishes a collection of academic papers written by students in the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health program at the University of Toronto. This undergraduate journal, called Upaya, reflects the collaborative and interdisciplinary thinking that occurs in this unique program, where ideas across psychology, Buddhism, psychotheraphy, philosophy, sociology, and history come together. The papers are carefully selected through our student and faculty-composed journal committee. 

Deadline: January 15th at 11:59pm 

Papers written for class assignments can be submitted. Written submissions should be a maximum of 15 double-spaced pages, and each person may submit up to 2 submissions.

Email your work, or any questions, to: bpsu.journal@gmail.com